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Services and Programs

Whether you need to revamp your current plan or you’re at the starting line of your fitness journey, I can help.


Peak8 Elite

Get a highly-customized plan that offers plenty of flexibility and freedom along with the personal support you need to see results.


Peak8 Mastermind

Get hands-on fitness support tailored to you, either in a one-on-one or a small group training format.

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What Drives You?

Peak8Fitness isn’t about one-size-fits-all fitness and nutrition plans. It’s about finding a plan that speaks to you — your goals and your specific needs. Let’s find what drives YOU and create meaningful, lasting change.

Meet the Powerhouse Behind Peak8Fitness

I graduated from CSU Monterey Bay with a degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science and extensive knowledge of sports performance training (youth-collegiate level), weight loss, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, wellness, and increasing general fitness.

But it’s the people I’ve been surrounded by throughout my life who have shaped where I’ve been and the legacy I hope to leave. The barely five foot tall English Lit teacher who was articulate but relatable, inspiring but impactful. The Kinesiology and Exercise Science professor and mentor who motived me to pursue fitness and seek ways to enhance people’s wellness. My mother, a beautiful full-blooded Italian who modeled empathy, compassion, and tough love. My dad (aka my Paperpooskiii), a retired Colonel of Marines who instilled a powerful love for competition.

I strive to make people feel, own, and celebrate their personal fitness victories, wellness, and empowered lifestyle.

Ready to join me?


Transforming Lives Through Fitness

  • “I’ve always had a hard time sticking to my workout plans. I started Peak8’s online platform and not only did I have an accountability piece added to my workout, but I also have my coach available if I have questions or need a modification.” 


    - Joanna

  • “Prior to working out with Niccole, I hadn’t set foot in the gym in over two years. I was nearly 300 pounds and had very little confidence. Since that first day I have lost 80 pounds and have never felt better.  Thanks to the work I’ve done with Niccole, my life is now healthy and balanced.”


    - Jack

  • “The workouts Niccole prepared for me were personalized to my body and the nutrition plan complimented the hard work we were doing in the gym. My wedding day is just a few weeks away and I have never felt better about my fitness and nutrition!”


    - Brooke

  • “When one of us says, ‘Let’s skip boot camp this morning,’ the other is usually there saying, ‘We always feel better after we go.’ That’s something we never thought we’d say, but because of Peak8Fitness, we’re saying it.”


    - Addison & Jace

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