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Services and Programs

Whether you need to revamp your current plan or you’re at the starting line of your fitness journey, Peak8Fitness can help.


Personal Training
Receive one-on-one instruction and guidance with Niccole.


Buns, Biceps, and Bling:
Bridal Bootcamp
Are you getting ready for your big day? These bridal packages will get you feeling and looking your best.


Online Training
Whether you’re outside of the Denver area or simply want a plan you can execute on your own time, Peak8Fitness offers customizable online fitness plans.


Nutrition Coaching
Eating healthy is as important as exercise, but everyone’s body type and nutrition needs vary. Get a nutrition plan that is right for you.

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What Drives You?

At Peak8Fitness we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fitness and nutrition plans. It’s about finding a plan that speaks to you — your goals and your specific needs. Find what drives YOU and you’ll be able to create meaningful, lasting change.

Meet Niccole Hendrickson:
The Power Behind Peak8Fitness

Niccole graduated from CSU Monterey Bay with a degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science while competing at the NCAA Division II level for volleyball. She has extensive knowledge of sports performance training (youth-collegiate level), weight loss, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, wellness, and increasing general fitness.

She believes in empowering her clients to improve their health and happiness through a fitness and nutrition plan that works for them.

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Transforming Lives Through Fitness

“The workouts Niccole prepared for me were personalized to my body and the nutrition plan complimented the hard work we were doing in the gym. My wedding day is just a few weeks away and I have never felt better about my fitness and nutrition!”


- Brooke

“When one of us says, ‘Let’s skip boot camp this morning,’ the other is usually there saying, ‘We always feel better after we go.’ That’s something we never thought we’d say, but because of Peak8Fitness, we’re saying it.”


- Addison & Jace


Do you run small group training?

Yes, we love running small group training! Why train alone when you can train with a group of fun, driven, empowering individuals? Whether you grab your closest pals or join a new group of friends, Peak8 will take your workout to the next level.

What is nutrition coaching?

Whether you are looking for a complete nutrition overhaul or you just need to spice things up, we will formulate a plan that incorporates whole foods as well as clean and fun ingredients to fit your goals and tailored to your body type.


Can Peak8Fitness prepare me for a special event?

Yes! From local races and high performance sports, to reunions and weddings, Peak8Fitness will take you through a life-changing process. Short-term goals have led my clients to long-term results. Peak8 will create a plan and formula that’s personal to you and your requests.

How do you decide what a customize plan will look like?

A plan is created based on several different factors including the amount of time you are able and/or willing to commit, where you will be working out (in a gym, at home, in a hotel room, etc.), whether you are training for a time-specific special event, and if you are working through an injury. An initial consultation will help to determine all of the contributing factors.

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