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    Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Fitness Coaching

Seriously, I  get it…time is limited and the demand is high, insert sigh of relief because Peak8Fitness is ready to deliver the program you have been dreaming of. Let’s be honest we check our phones at least a 100 times a day, what if I told you that one of the times you scrolled through your phone you could scroll right through a customized fitness plan catering to your goals, needs, equipment, and most importantly the timelines you have available. Whether you are traveling, work from home, a loyal gym goer, or someone who is simply bored with the plan you are working on, Peak8 is ready to serve.


Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Conduct a personal consult
Step 2: Create a customized plan
Step 3: Download the Peak8Fitness app
Step 4: Hop on weekly check-in calls
Step 5: Switch it up every month
Step 6: Sweat.

The Peak8Pack:
See Real Client Results

“The Peak8Fitness app is so easy to use and allows me direct access to Niccole. She uploads my daily workouts and we can track my progress. Each workout is tailored to me and where I’m at in my journey. I have tried fitness apps before but this is the only one I KNOW my coach is checking in and making sure I stay on track. I love the accountability and support!” ~ Isabel

Isabel B:A

Nutrition Coaching

After years of working with different clients, going through the Precision Nutrition Coaching course, and studying many brilliant minds in the recipe world I put together the Peak8 client nutrition coaching plan. I believe in the power of: simplicity, of providing people with the tools to be successful on their own, the excitement in achieving personal growth and control with eating. Listen to me, there is no shame in needing help, no problem in wanting another perspective on changing up what you are doing, offering a better way. So often I find my past and current nutrition clients just need the permission to Fuel themselves, they just need a spruce to their current game plan. Some need a full overhaul and others need the accountability or all of the above. Whatever it is, know I am a listing ear and would love to help you feel better connected to your plan. Stay tuned for fun recipes like this Hendrickson Summer go-to meal… make sure your cruise by my blog, Instagram, and IG stories for fun tips and tricks on how to stay engaged with your success while still enjoying your seasonal fun.

Meal Plan the Peak8 Way

[Get a sneak peek of a few Peak8Fitness recipes HERE.]

Step 1

Sick and tired of boring, tasteless recipes?

Step 2

Sick and tired of boring, tasteless recipes?

Step 3

Sick and tired of boring, tasteless recipes?