September 22, 2017

How to Hire a Personal Trainer for your Big Day

how-to-hire-fb-blog copySo you are rocking that shiny sparkler on your finger, you’ve pinned over 1,000 wedding inspired photos, and now you’re envisioning that beautiful wedding gown on your gorgeous body. You are debating what the perfect fitness and nutrition plan is for your wedding journey. The thought of maybe working with a trainer crosses your mind, maybe some crazy detox that involves barely eating then you decide that seems a little drastic because you realize you still want to have fun while you are planning this dreamy day. Then the thought crosses your mind that you should pull out those ‘ole running shoes and take up jogging again; hell, maybe Pilates for that sleek lean look that you’ve always desired.

The options are endless and the results all vary, but when it’s YOUR big day and your body, you want the best fit for a fitness coach and plan. What if I told you, YOU could have it all? Would you sign up?

First, set a timeline, set your goals and figure out what you are looking for:

  • Weight loss
  • Building lean muscle
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition-meal planning
  • Do you want to work in person with a Trainer?
  • Do you want to follow a self-paced plan?
  • Does working with a small group of your gal pals sound more like it?
  • Should you tackle marriage by storm and sign up with your groom-to-be?

Once you’ve decided on your needs and what is realistic, it is imperative to choose a Trainer who is equally invested in your needs and goals as you are. Training for your wedding day is a process, it’s an emotionally involved journey—there needs to be attention to detail, time-sensitive planning and lots of fun along the way. The timeline is key, for example: you may start training six months out from your wedding day, however, you have to keep in mind the time prep for your engagement photos, bridal shower, the time away for your bachelorette party, dress fittings and the time vested in sampling, touring, enjoying and resting.

Key things to remember: enjoy the process, celebrate your accomplishments and have fun!

Are you ready to get started?
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