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Buns, Biceps, & Bling Bridal Fitness Package #3

12 boot camp style workouts 6¬†workouts¬†emphasizing strength training, core, and cardio 2 coaching calls Bridal…

6-Week Online Fitness and Nutrition Plan

2, 3-week workout plans (with variations depending on your fitness level and equipment access) 6…

deck of cards
Peak8Fitness Workout Cards

Get a full body workout anytime, anywhere by flipping through this deck of cards, complete…

Peak8 mens
Men’s T-Shirts

Gray with cobalt blue lettering or dark grey with camo lettering. Available in: M, L,…

Peak8 long sleeve
Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt

Black with silver lettering. Front: Peak8Fitness Back: Sweat. Available in: M, L, XL (NOTE: These…